Male vs. Female Bartender – Who is Better in Bar Jobs

Bartending jobs can provide you plenty of opportunities to work in prestigious clubs and restaurants. Especially in bartending jobs people often raise this question whether men are better than the women. There are various opinions regarding this. There are some people who think men can always be a better bartender. On other side some people think that the women can add that extra glamour quotient even in this job and can actually generate a lot of revenues than their male counter parts. Personality and competence are two major things in case of the hostess career. It is not easy to say whether the waiters are better or the waitresses. The clientele usually gives the answers in these cases.

Different types of bars and pubs are there. In the sports bar people enjoy the games while having their drinks. In the pubs usually people from various age groups come and enjoy the music and drinks. In both the places both men and women bartenders can be seen. Men usually love to visit the sports bar. Apart from watching games and enjoying their drinks they can also enjoy some beautiful and gorgeous “eye-candies” there. They also have more opportunities to earn more money as tip. However, in the pubs the middle aged men do not get attracted by these girls. That is why one can see more female bartenders in those bar where the young people visit more. On other hands in the pubs where more middle aged people visit one can see male bartenders more. It depends on the customers what type of bartenders are they looking for. The club and bar owners arrange things accordingly.

The owners need to understand the customers well. The need to hire the bartenders accordingly that can gel well with their customer base. For different parties and occasions they can also have different types of bartenders. It is the skill that matters the most in these bartending jobs. If you are good at mixing the drinks and serving then it won’t matter much to employers whether you are a girl or a guy. To get the job at a well known bar you must have that skill. You must know about different types of drinks. Mixing the drinks is not the only thing the bartenders do. They also need to interact with the customers so that they do not get bored. At a time multiple customers would ask for their drinks. You cannot prepare multiple drinks in a minute. That is why you need to engage them in interesting discussion while making and serving them the drinks. Interactivity is very important for any bartenders. If you are shy and do not feel comfortable in front of a group of people then bartending is surely not for you.

The bartenders need to have a charming and friendly personality. Along with that competence is another important quality in the bartenders. If these two things are not present it would become tough for that person to become a good bartender. The owners want business and they wouldn’t like to hire somebody with low competency level. That is why you need to work on your competence and personality both the grab the best job offer in the hospitality industry. The owners want business and for that they do not really check whether the candidate is a male or a female. Once they are impressed with the skill they choose the candidate depending on the type of business they have.

Female bartenders rely on their skills, assets, beauty and charming nature. It is their charm that brings make customers back to the bar. The professional bartenders can do simple things in extreme style. That is their way to entertain the guest. They can sometimes flip the bottles or can prepare multiple drinks at a time and can show off his multi-tasking ability. Or they can just throw the shaker and it lands in the wash basin perfectly. Some of the bartenders can be extremely innovative with their skills. They definitely know how to pull the crowd towards them.

To be a good bartender you must be able to serve all your customers on time. You need to give your attention to everyone. You cannot miss one customer while talking to other two. Some people say that the female bartenders are not that fast on the wheel. However, they often compensate that with their charming personality and sweet gesture. On other hands male bartenders are fast like lightening. The do not keep their customers waiting. However, sometimes one needs that extra sweet gesture of the female bartenders to come back to the bar again.

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