Skills Required for Bartending Jobs

Bartending jobs is a very good profession nowadays. In fact one can say it’s a social job that provides you with glamorous opportunities in an exciting and unique environment. Today, it is an appealing career to many, especially the young newbies as it requires just basic educational. However, the saying “Never Judge the book by its cover” applies well in case of bartending jobs because it is job that calls for much more than just serving drinks to the customers. A degree may not be required however you do need to know or learn the tactics to impress your customers, converse with them, sells them the new product at bay and the most important of all deliver an unforgettable experience that the customer will always cherish. In the recent years many new institutes have opened their doors to crash courses that teach bartending. Let us read through to know a few more skills of bartending.

Be a responsible bartender

Being responsible for your space is one of the most important skills that a bartender needs to possess. As a bartender pouring drinks to customers sitting at your bar is not the only responsibility. You are also responsible for fulfilling the orders taken by waiters at their tables. As a bartender you not only responsible for preparing cocktails and serving liquor but should also know to handle customers especially the ones who get intoxicated. Besides this you are also liable for handling payments made by credit cards and cash and working with certain bar equipments.

Serving the customer with a smile

A smile can work wonders and change the mood of the most stressed or unhappy person and a skilled bartender knows this well. A skilled bartender always pours a drink or greets his customers with a smile. As a bartender it is important that you acknowledge guests the moment they turn up at your bar or order a drink. When a cocktail napkin is placed in front of the guest, he or she knows that they are being served however when you do this with a smile, the clients feels that he or she has been taken care of. A skilled bartender knows that serving with a smile equals to a happy customer and a happy customer equals to a good tip and some appreciation. A skilled bartender also knows when he needs to stop pouring with a smile especially when the customer is really drunk. He should be courteous enough to call a cab if required. He is a person who maintains his service ethics all the time.

Pouring and Mixing of Drinks

A skillful bartender knows that he is the master of the service industry that serves alcoholic beverages. He does not need a cheat sheet when it comes to garnishing or mixing drinks because he knows them back of his mind. Be it a lazy Monday afternoon or a busy boozy Saturday night, a skillful bartender comfortably opens a wine bottle, mixes or garnish the drink, make a cocktail and pours the beer from a tap.

Skillfully handling cash or credit transactions

Cash or credit transactions are an essential part of the service industry. Bartending jobs are not very easy jobs and as a bartender you are responsible for collecting the money in a fast moving atmosphere where mistakes are bound to happen. A skilled bartender leaves no room for such grave mistakes. He ensures that all cash or credit transactions are efficiently done by keeping himself organized. He ensures that all transactions especially the one involving cash is properly done.

Knows the Drink Menu

It is not uncommon of customers sitting at the bar asking for “what’s new?” A customer sitting at your bar may want to try a new drink or may be looking for some discounts, etc. A skilful bartender knows his drink menu before he hits the bar. He educates customers about special promotions, asks questions that will help him determine what the customer would like. Asking questions also gives him a chance to sell some of the premium items on the menu. A good knowledge of the drink menu with some food specialties especially the one’s cooked in liquor is an added advantage as it leaves an imprint of a wonderful guest experience.

Know the Bar Equipments

A good bartender knows his bar equipments. As a bartender it is important to know at least some bar equipments. Not knowing the basic bar equipments such as corkscrew, jigger, etc could be really embarrassing.

Although BARTENDING JOBS is no rocket sciences but there are certain set of skills that determine a skilful bartender? Knowing the tools and the atmosphere of the job will help in doing the job the right way. The right training, experience, certification and most important of all the passion to succeed are some of the skills required for bartending.