What’s a certified bartender?

A certified bartender is a bartender who has completed a training program and passed an exam to become certified in their field. This certification typically demonstrates that the bartender has a thorough understanding of the principles of mixology, alcohol safety, and responsible serving. Some states or municipalities may require bartenders to be certified in order to legally serve alcohol.


What’s the purpose of a bartending certification?

A bartending certification is a way for bartenders to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to properly prepare and serve alcoholic beverages. It can also be a requirement for some bartending jobs. By earning a bartending certification, bartenders can show potential employers that they are qualified to work in the field, and it can also help them to stand out from other job candidates who may not have the same level of training and knowledge. In addition, a bartending certification can provide bartenders with the confidence and expertise they need to succeed in their careers.

What’s the difference between a bartending license and a bartending certification?

A bartending license is a legal requirement in some states or jurisdictions, which allows a person to legally serve alcohol. A bartending certification, on the other hand, is a voluntary certification that demonstrates the individual's knowledge and skills in mixing and serving drinks. A certification is not required to work as a bartender, but it can be helpful in gaining employment and advancing in the field.